Friday, 25 July 2008

Iekeliene Stange Rocks!


Three Points I like Iekeliene

1. She is very good model, and don't forget ,look at those cheebones
2. She's dutch like me :)
3. Her quirky, edgy style. Much better than Agyness

Saturday, 12 July 2008


Sorry, I am a very inactive blogger. I think I haven't got enough time to write a decent blog, with inspiration or my own style. I'm just to busy with another thing. But maybe I will be blogging 'cause it's summer vacation and almost all my friends are far, far away, while I am in Germany(1 week).

Monday, 7 July 2008

My top 10 favourite songs of the month(or something like that)

1.The Kills-Cheap and Cheerful
I think I like almost every song of The Kills. I like the sound.
2.Arctic Monkeys-Brainstorm
Arctic Monkeys, I think it's my favourite band(or second favourite after The Kooks)
3.Yelle-Je Veux Te Voir
It makes me wanna dance. I read a arcticle in the Dutch ElleGirl about here, and I was quite interessted, and when I was in France, and I heard a song of here, I was completely addicted(humf, almost). So when I was back in the Netherlands, I downloaded a few songs, and this is my favourite
Duffy rocks! I like Rockferry more than here big hit Mery, but Mercy is also a good song!
5.Uffie-First Love
I love electro music, combined with rap. Uffie is the coolest myspace sensation, love her songs!
6.Mamas and the Papas-California Dreaming
A old song, but I like it. Very California
7.Juliette&The Licks-Purgatory Blues
Juliette Lewis is a great singer, she has a very powerful voice
8.The Gossip-Standing In The Way Of Control
Beth Ditto has a very strong voice. This song gives me power, it has a very powerful sound
9.KT Tunstall-Suddenly I See
It makes me always happy, great song.
10. The Kooks-Sway
I really like the sound